Changes to NSW Regulations from 1st July 2020

If you have commercial property in NSW, new regulations come into effect for the completion of the Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) as only accredited persons can sign them. Runnymede Fire & Safety are accredited to complete all requirements for the AFSS and are an FPAS Recognised Business.

From the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) …
“The Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme is now mandatory in NSW

The Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) has now been formally approved under section 59 of the Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018.

On 1 July, 2020, Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) received a letter from the Secretary of the Department of Customer Service, Ms Emma Hogan, advising that:

“I hereby approve of the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) to exercise the functions as an accreditation authority with respect to the accreditation of persons for purposes of the Act…”

This means that, as of 1 July, 2020, practitioners must be accredited under FPAS if they wish to perform ‘ regulated work’ under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EPAR).

FPAS has been recognised for:

Fire Systems Design (FSD) – for practitioners who endorse plans and specifications in accordance with clauses 136AA and 146B of the EPAR; and
Fire Safety Assessment (FSA) – for those who endorse essential fire safety measures on annual or supplementary fire safety statements under Part 9, Divisions 5 and 7 of the EPAR.

To perform these roles, practitioners will need to hold an accreditation number, unless they are designers who hold C8 certifier (electrical engineering) or a C14 (hydraulic certifier – buildings) registration with the Department of Customer Service

Other areas, such as approving performance solutions, applying for clause 164B exemptions, or designing mechanical fire safety systems, have not been recognised at this time.

Now that FPA Australia has received recognition from the Secretary, her decision will soon be published in the NSW Government Gazette.

Chief Operating Officer, Nathan Semos, welcomed the decision by the Secretary.

“This announcement is the culmination of months of work by the dedicated team at FPA Australia and is a significant step forward for the professionalisation and improvement of fire safety in New South Wales,” he said.

“It provides certainty to both clients and the community that experienced practitioners are designing and assessing their fire safety systems and keeping them safe, by providing an easy mechanism to easily determine a contractor’s competence.

“FPA Australia is the first industry accreditation authority recognised by the Department of Customer Service, and we are happy to be working closely with the Government to deliver better fire safety,” he said.

As at 1 July, 2020, there are:

563 practitioners accredited for Fire Safety Assessment to perform fire safety assessment work; and
131 practitioners accredited for Fire Systems Design.
There are many more practitioners who are still coming through the application process and we will continue to work with them to get them across the line.

FPA Australia is proud of the hard work of our Accreditation and Licensing team to get the industry to the point where recognition was possible, and thanks the industry for its support. “

To see a copy of the Secretary’s letter, click here

For all your AFSS requirements, call Runnymede Fire & Safety on 03 5000 1719.

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